Evidence of fruits

Christians are called to be fruitful as they are blessed people. (Psalms 1:1-3) Those who remain in the Lord will bring forth abundant and enduring fruit. (John 15: 8) Peter expects believers to be productive, meaning fruitful disciples. (II Peter 1:8) Lord Jesus taught that a person who is religious, pious, righteous and God-fearing could be identified with their fruits. (Matthew 8:16) In Christendom today, there are too many people and leaders who are fruitless. Sadly, they are unproductive and even destructive to the cause of Christ. Sadly, many false teachers and prophets come under the category. It is wise to identify godly leaders and teachers. There are three aspects it is possible to gauge them.

1) Lifestyle: People of God opt for a humble lifestyle, without pomp and hyper style. Such a leader chooses a standard of living appropriate to his/her call. One pastor set himself a salary that was equal to the average income of the congregation. Another Christian leader opted for a salary that would be appropriate for his qualification and experience in the marketplace. It is sad that many who believe in prosperity (false) gospel live an exorbitant style, arrogant, unconcerned and are overfed. (Ezekiel 16:49) Sad example is a leader who was serving a downtrodden nomadic community lived like a czar.

2) Attitude and worldview: Good leaders exhibit biblical attitude and worldview. They are immersed in Scriptural truths and rigorously put to practice. Their thoughts are renewed by the Word of God and filled with great thoughts as Paul lists them. (Romans 12:2; Philippians 4:8)

3) Influence and effects: These people could attract others. Keeping them engaged, entertained, and focused on them is their goal. Instead of giving them Kingdom vision, eternal perspective and meaningful purpose in life; they offer selfish vision, worldly perspective and mundane pursuits. Such leaders are blind leading the blind, both will fall into a pit. (Matthew 15: 14)

It will be wise to self-evaluate and introspect. There is also a need to watch out for godly leaders to follow, learn and be mentored by them.

Is my Christian life evidenced by fruits?