Time factor

The wise preacher said: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) He also lists many normal activities. However, the most important time in our life can be termed as the life-defining moment. Many have seen or known or experienced Lord Jesus Christ in a personal manner. Paul had this dramatic experience on the Damascus Road. (Acts 9) Sadly, many have lost such moments.

1) Convenient time: When Paul spoke with Felix and his wife Drusilla about righteousness, self-control, and judgement. He was afraid and sent away Paul stating that he will call him in a convenient time. (Acts 24:24-27) Perhaps that convenient time to repent and receive the Lord never arrived.

2) Short time: King Herod Agrippa II was well versed in Jewish Scripture. Paul explained to him brilliantly in a short time that the Jewish Scripture indication of Messiah is Lord Jesus Christ. However, he refused to be convinced in such a short time. His concern was not about the truth, but time-factor. As an educated intellectual and a Roman official, one should not be seen getting convinced to by a prisoner in such a short time. (Acts 26:28) Never in his life he got a long-time.

3) No Time: Lord taught the Parable of the Great Feast. The king sent prior invitations to the guests; a second invitation was sent when the food was ready. They gave flimsy excuses: first talked about a field (real estate); another about an ox (BMW or SUV) and another about his romantic date (Valentine Day?) with his partner. (Luke 14:15-24) They had no time, and their places were taken by others.

4) No priority time: The foolish virgins were with wise virgins, right place, right time with lamps without stock of oil. No priority time to prepare made them ineligible to enter the party. (Matthew 25: 1-13)

5) Right time: The penitent thief on the right of the Lord knew the right time, whispered a right prayer with right faith and went to Paradise. (Luke 23:43)

Do I have a spiritual discernment of the right time?