Popularity and Power

People who have authority and power, like to be popular. As Lucifer desired the worship, acclaim and applause of others, some leaders pursued the same. (Isaiah 14:12-14) Haman is a classic example of such power ambitions. He imagined in his mind as a great personality who deserved popularity. Not knowing whom the King Ahasuerus wanted to honour, he projected himself in that place and listed his secret desire. (Esther 6: 6-9)

1) Royal Robe: Haman wanted to be dressed in king’s apparel. He wanted the best possible dress in the whole Empire. Designer dresses are worn by such popularity seeking personalities.

2) Royal Horse: Haman wanted to ride on the horse that is exclusively used by the king. Even today, BMV that are custom designed for leaders is desired. Politicians and even tele-evangelists want such luxury vehicles. Coveting such objects is a violation of the Tenth Commandment.

3) Royal crown: Haman also desired to have the royal crown that establishes authority and power. In the modern world, the titles could be compared with crowns of olden times. Many dictators gave themselves titles that were long and were prefixed to their names.

4) Royal service: Haman wanted the top noble officials of the Empire to dress up the honoured person, hold the robes and lead the horse in procession. The gun trotting commandos around the rich and powerful is considered as a status symbol.

5) Royal procession: Haman was not satisfied with the dress rehearsal in the palace, it should be a public event in the city square. Popularity seekers want to occupy the prime time in mass media. They expect their sound bites to go viral in social media.

6) Royal proclamation: Silent procession would not suffice, there is a need for proclamation by officials that this is the honoured man. Such insecure personalities need sycophants who would flatter them with all kinds of exaggerations.

God punished Haman to do what he wanted to receive to his most hated Mordecai. God’s ways are just as He exalts the meek and humble.

Am I in pursuit of power and popularity?