Blessed Strong Pilgrims

Saints of God are different from the people of the world. In the world, they will face troubles, tribulations, and temptations, yet they will not be defeated. In fact, compared with non-believers, disciples of the Lord go through more suffering. Nevertheless, they are blessed pilgrims who convert tears into springs, move forward, multiply strength, and see the face of the Lord. (Psalms 84: 5-7)
Blessed people: The people who choose to repent, receive forgiveness in Lord Jesus Christ, and worship the Lord are truly blessed people. The secret of their blessedness is their relationship with the Lord.
Strong people: They are strong not because they have enormous physical or mental strength. They do not derive strength from temporal and worldly sources. Their source of strength is the Lord. The joy of the Lord is their strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)
Pilgrim: In the world, they consider themselves immigrants, temporary residents, pilgrims, strangers, or refugees. Life in the world is short compared to eternity. As Kingdom people, they are seen as weird and strangers by the world. Yet they are ambassadors and apostles of God in the world.
Valley walks: As pilgrims, they happen to walk through valleys of tears, weeping, dryness, drought, difficulty, danger, and trouble. However, they have not been affected adversely, instead, they convert those hindrance stones as stepping stones. The tears cleanse them, renew, and refresh them. Like valleys, they also have mountain peak experiences.
Victory walk: Though the valley is dangerous as death, they are not afraid of evil. The secret is: God is faithful, walking with them in those miserable valleys. (Psalms 23:4)
Strength multiplied: The pilgrim is already strong and blessed, now use adversities to grow from strength to strength. There is a never-ending supply of strength. The longer the journey, they do not grow weary, but grow to become strong.
Appear before the Lord: It is not an aimless wandering but a purposeful pilgrimage. There is a definite destination, Zion the city of God.
Do I convert valleys of fears and tears to valleys of springs of renewal?