Spiritual revolution

When Lord recruited disciples calling them to take up the cross, it was enigmatic and scary to the hearers. (Mark 8:34; Luke 9:24-25) It is like putting your head in the hanging noose or standing in front of the firing squad or sitting down in the electric chair. The hearers knew that thousands of terrorists, dissidents, and revolutionaries who opposed the Roman Empire were crucified. Even many Jewish people, perhaps thousands, had been crucified during Roman rule. Cross was not for petty thieves or other criminals. It was for those who challenged the power, authority, and rule of Romans. Taking up the cross is the spiritual revolution that upsets any political power in the world, beginning from Herod, Romans, godless communism…etc.
Curse: The Jewish audience knew that to hang on the cross, means a curse. (Deuteronomy 21: 22-23) They wondered if the Messiah was inviting them to curse instead of blessing them.
Death: Crucifixion was a fool-proof method of a death sentence. No one could escape the painful and prolonged death.
Pain, Suffering, and Torture: Cross was equivalent to immense pain, severe suffering, and ruthless torture.
Humiliation and shame: For the potential disciples it would be shameful to be humiliated, beaten up, tortured, and nailed or tied to the cross. The whole crucifixion happens in public view. The victims are ridiculed, mocked, and shamed not only by the soldiers but by the public also.
Deprived: The person who is crucified is deprived of all his possessions, even his dress or robes are not spared. They are also deprived of their dignity.
Rejection: Taking up the cross means to be rejected by all who are for the world. Those who were crucified were disowned and rejected by families fearing repercussions from the government authorities.
Voluntary Participation: Lord amazed the listeners by inviting them to do this voluntarily, in fact joyfully.
Taking up the cross today could be rejected by family, boycotted by extended family, mocked by friends, harassed by neighbours, ostracized by society, deprived of rights by the government, and persecuted by anti-social elements.
Have I taken up the cross to follow him?