Disciples did not understand

One pastor was preaching that Lord Jesus Christ did not smile or laugh or crack jokes. He was always stern and serious. One small girl stood up and said: “Pastor, No, you are wrong. Lord Jesus was smiling.” The angry pastor asked for an explanation and evidence. The girl said: “If Lord Jesus was not smiling, children would not have come to him.” This pastor was like the twelve disciples who hindered children from coming to Lord Jesus Christ. Parents were so excited to bring their infants/children to the Lord. However, his disciples prevented them. Lord was angry and warned them not to hinder children from coming to him. (Luke 18:15-17; Matthew 19:13-15) The disciples lacked understanding. They did not understand:
1) Heart of Lord Jesus: Amid His ministry of preaching and teaching, Lord had time for children. Lord loves the lost, last and least. In many cultures, children are not regarded at all. Lord Jesus wanted to bless children.
2) Intention of parents: Good parents desire the spiritual growth of children. The Jewish parents take their children to Jewish elders to bless them and pray for them on the evening of the Day of Atonement. During the earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, parents brought their children to the Lord Jesus Christ, to be blessed by him.
3) Joyful desires of children: The special discernment of children, leads them to people who love, care, and are of noble character. Naturally, children flock to Lord Jesus Christ.
4) Spiritual principles: Lord Jesus welcomed them and rebuked the disciples to allow the children to come to him. Children are spiritual beings and they should not be prevented from spiritual activities and events. He laid hands on them and blessed them. Laying hands is a mark of blessing.
5) Kingdom Values: Lord Jesus Christ called people to become like a child, for the Kingdom of God will be filled with people who are like children. (Matthew 18:3) Children are loving, trusting, and obedient.
Do I actively facilitate children coming to the Lord?