Seasonal frogs!

There was a group of committed disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. They formed a team and went every Saturday to a village to preach the gospel. They had a list of about fifty villages and they visit these villages once a year. This was happening for about five years. In one of the villages, an old man called the leader of the team. He asked: “Are you concerned about us?” The leader replied in the affirmative. The old man asked several questions like why did you come, do you love us, are you interested in us… etc. The leader answered in the affirmative. Then the old man said: “When monsoon rains happen, frogs in the pond become alive. They should be in unison for hours. You are like that. Once a year you come and go. Have you ever asked whether we understand or what is our opinion or response?

The crestfallen leader asked the old man: What should we do? He replied: “Come week after week. Sit with us. Have tea. Enjoy our hospitality and teach us.” The mission is not ‘touch and go.’ When the Lord sent disciples two-by-two he instructed them to enter homes that invite them and bless the household with peace, Shalom. Lord advised them to enjoy the hospitality provided by the hosts. (Luke 5: 4-8)

Evangelism is effective when shared in the context of a relationship. Print-Media, Mass-media, and social media may provide opportunities to reach a wider audience. However, personal sharing is much more effective and meaningful in the local context. The Ethiopian eunuch had access to the written book of Prophet Isaiah but could not understand it. (Acts 8:31) God sent Philip to explain it to him.

Lord spent intense time with twelve Apostles for three-plus years. Discipleship is spending time and investing in the lives of people. It is a long-term process and not a seasonal enterprise. Sadly, neither disciple makers have time to invest, nor do the disciples have the willingness to learn. Going back to biblical models and methods is important.

Do I invest adequately in my personal spiritual growth and the life of others?