Not paid, laborers attempt suicide

Seven workers of a factory consumed poison as they were not paid salaries for seven months. The factory produces raw materials for modular kitchens in Indore. Frustrated and depressed they attempted suicide but were saved by timely action. (NDTV news 2 September 2022) Denying wages to those it is due is a sin against God.
Mosaic Law: God commanded that the wages should be paid before sunset, as the poor would be eagerly expecting it. If they complain to God, that would be a sin. (Deuteronomy 24:15)
Poor: The salary for the poor should be paid as a priority, as the man does not have other sources of income or help. A such person does not have assets or savings or capital.
Time frame: Lord has commanded that the salary should be paid within the stipulated or agreed time. The daily wage earners should be paid by the end of the day. Others may be paid weekly or monthly.
Expectation: Such wage earners expect towards their time of remuneration. Their labor must be recognized and compensated. It is not just his expectation; it is the expectation of the whole family. Most poor people, who are daily wage earners, take their money home, with which they buy provisions to cook for the night meal. It is possible that the laborer, his wife, children and sometimes other relatives also may have to go without food.
Complaint: When the poor are deprived of their rights, including their rightful wages, they appeal to God. Appealing to human authorities is difficult, very expensive, and could be dangerous. The evil person could attack when a person complains against them. However, their prayers are heard by God who is the righteous judge.
Sin: Moses described such acts as depriving or delaying a person’s wages as a sin against God. When humans do evil against others, it is sin against God, as all are created in the image of God.
Being fair, reasonable, righteous, gracious, gentle, and generous are Christian characteristics. Let us not deprive others of their needs and rights.
Am I prompt in paying others?