Branded as Christians

The disciples of Lord Jesus Christ, in the city of Antioch were ‘nicknamed’ or ‘dubbed’ as Christians. Obviously, the city people observed that the disciples were different. To define or brand them, they searched and found they were imitating Christ, hence called them as Christians. (Acts 11:26) Indeed, they were a blessing to the city of Antioch. Sadly, Christians today do not reflect the light and truth of Lord Jesus Christ in the world. Many times, they follow culture rather than Scripture.
Devotion: The disciples in Antioch loved the Lord. Their love for Lord Jesus Christ was such that their love for their families, relatives and friends seemed like hate. (Luke 14:26)
Dedication: The priority of the disciples were the Kingdom of God and righteousness of God. (Matthew 6:33) There were no distractions or deviations from this path of dedication.
Direction: In the world, people run in different directions, not knowing their destination. Disciples know that Jesus is the Way, follow Him to eternal destination, heaven. (John 14:6)
Delight: Disciples delight in the reading, meditating, and applying the Word of God Day and night. (Psalms 1:1-3)
Dimension: While the people of the world were just exploring two or three dimensions, disciples perceive through the dimension of eternity. Hence their thoughts, goals, character, lifestyle, and purpose are higher and loftier than others.
Diligence: The disciples excel in whatever they do as they do unto the Lord. As stewards, they do not waste resources, time, talents, gifts, and opportunities.
Decent: The conversations, words, and speeches of a disciple are always decent, edifying, and a blessing to others. There is no hurting, demeaning, or cursing in their words.
Dignity: Since they have the assurance of being a child of God, they always have self-esteem and dignity. (John 1:12)
Decorum: In all their behavior, home, workplace, and public places are noble, and decent. They maintain decorum because of their emotional stability and spiritual maturity.
Duty: They fulfill their call and duty to share the gospel, serve the unserved, and are peacemakers in the world. (Matthew 28:18-20)
Am I a blessing to the world?