Objections to Obedience

God appeared to Moses amid the Burning Bush and commissioned him to go to Egypt and redeem the Children of Israel who were slaves. However, Moses raised several objections.
Who am I? Moses felt inadequate as a veteran shepherd of 40 years to go and speak in Pharaoh’s court. Lord assured that He will be with him, and the delivered Israel will worship in this same mountain. It is more important to know Who God is and what is the relationship with him.
Credibility question? God is sending him, yet they will ask who God is. Neither Pharoah nor the Hebrew slaves would believe him. Probably, Moses could remember how he was rejected by the Israelite. God revealed his personal name and said: “I AM WHO I AM” The self-existing eternal God.
What if they don’t believe: Moses was commanded to gather the elders of Israel, identify himself as one who was sent by God. Moses will give the message of deliverance and the Promised Land, ‘a land flowing with milk and honey.’ Moses was not sure if the Israelite would believe in him. God also gave three signs: When he places his rod on ground, it will become a serpent, when he catches the tail of the serpent, it will become a rod. The meaning is that Moses’ enemies will be powerless. Second, he will put his hand in his cloak, and take it, and will become leprous. When he repeats, it will become normal again. Moses when he trusts God his pollution would be gone. Moses will take water from the river and pour it into the land; it will become blood.
Stammering tongue: Moses expressed his inability to speak fluently. Stephen states that he was powerful in words. (Acts 7:33) Probably lost his original skill and fluency during the forty years of being a shepherd. Or Moses was giving an excuse to escape responsibility. God rebuked him stating He is the creator.
Someone else: Moses ultimately came to the real reason. God gave Aaron his assistant.
Obedient: Yet Moses became a mighty prophet of God.
Have I moved from objection to obedience?