Brotherly Love

A young man was waiting for the public transport bus to arrive. Suddenly few men came rushing to him, shouting abuses and beat him up. This man did not know why he was being assaulted. Then came the ‘master mind’ who shouted something like this: “You low caste idiot, how dare you claim to others you are like my brother. Can you ever become my brother?” (5th December 2020 Indian Express) Both are working in the same private industry and have become close friends for months. Later police case was filed against the assailants. Friends cannot claim ‘brother’ status that too a person from lower strata of society norms. The guarantee of constitutional equality is not possible in society.
Saul (later Paul) had a notorious reputation. He was ‘religious’ and ‘spiritual’ that he claimed ‘blameless’ status according to Mosaic Law. He was violent that he dragged men and women, flogged them in public and threw them in jails. One day as he travelled to Damascus from Jerusalem with the intention of persecuting Christians there with official letter from Chief Priest, he had a life transforming experience. Lord Jesus confronted and spoke with him, Saul became blind too. He was advised to go to Damascus and wait for further instruction.
Ananias in Damascus was scared hearing the name of ‘Saul’. He was reluctant to go and meet a violent persecutor. However, Lord Jesus commanded him to go to street called Straight find Saul and lay his hands upon him and pray, so that he could regain his sight. Ananias goes there, spots Saul and began: “Brother Saul.” Amazing! A persecutor, that too violent persecutor, having religious authorities’ permission; a potential victim addressing him as ‘brother’. No anger, no bitterness, no hatred, no enmity, only Love.
‘Brotherly Love’ is a Christian virtue based biblical worldview. All humans are descendants of first human couple Adam and Eve; Lord Jesus Christ died for each and every person; hence all are equal in God’s eyes. Those who take pride in their caste, language, culture, race or any other reason over fellow humans do not deserved to be called as a Christian or disciple of Lord Jesus Christ.
Is brotherly love practiced in the local churches?