Training body or disciplining body

One person has trained his body in such a way that he could drag a truck with full load for 30 metres; carry 100 plus kg in one hand and similar weight in another walked briskly. Yes, he has a place in Guinness book of records. Young people have great desire to achieve or create records. However, records are made and broken again and again. Apart from temporary global fame, there is no other value for it. Yes, there are people in their 80s hale and healthy, even then they have to die. Physical health is good, physical strength is great but not worth anything for life after death.

Paul writes that he disciplines his body and make it a slave. (I Corinthians 9:27) He wants his body to serve God’s purposes which is a spiritual discipleship process. One Bible scholar said: “The trouble with today’s generation is they listen to body instead of body listening to them.” Body demands rest or sleep when it is time to pray and read bible. Body craves for food when it is time to fast. Gluttony is another sin (like idolatry) of undisciplined body. When disciples habitually give into ‘lazy desires’ of the body, will end up as purpose less disciples.

If physical body, its desires, and lusts dominate a person, s/he shall be doomed to live like animals. John writes about ‘lust of flesh’ which is one of the three principles of sin along with ‘lust of eyes’ and ‘pride of life.’ (I John 2;15-17)

It does not mean that we must hate our body, instead make it a ‘slave’ to fulfill God’s high purposes. Our body should be dominated by the Spirit, guided by mind that is renewed. Yes, our body is the Temple of Holy Spirit, meaning Christ is exalted and glorified. (I Corinthians 6:19)

Do I discipline my body for spiritual prowess or mere physical prowess?

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