Renewed mind or Depraved Mind?

It was late night. One old woman was walking with difficulty carrying a handbag, which she held it firmly. Probably, she was sad and for sure there was some valuables in the bag. One man was able to watch her and thought: “This is an opportunity. With one kick, this woman would fall. Snatching the bag would be like winning a lottery ticket.” There was another young man who was also watching the old woman. “This woman looks sad. Why should she walk late alone? Perhaps, she is going to hospital where her husband is admitted. If I offered help, will she accept or get frightened?” Same scene, but two different people processing it in their minds.
First person had ‘depraved mind’. (Romans 1:28) This person was thinking with values such as: selfish attitude, unsympathetic to others suffering, covetous, theft, violence and unjust gain. People with ‘depraved mind’ make ‘self’ as god and all that happens should be to please ‘self’ or glorify self or gratify self. People who do not know Lord Jesus Christ come under this category. That person may not have indulged in the act of looting the old lady, his thoughts are enough for the Lord to judge him.
Second person had ‘renewed mind’. (Romans 12:1,2) In the world of relationships, ‘loving neighbor as yourself’ has supreme value. Hence, he was thinking with values such as: attitude of genuine concern; worried for her safety, trying to understand why she had to go alone, that too in the night, some compelling reason that made her sad. In his mind, he wanted to offer help to the old lady, without frightening her.
As you read this, to which category you belong to? This is an easy way to test if our mind is ‘depraved’ or ‘renewed’? You could be born-again and be a believer for several years, if your paradigm is that of first person, sadly your mind has not been renewed by the Word of God. Start today that process of disciplining your mind.
Do I have ‘Depraved mind’ or ‘Renewed mind’?