Brutal like animals

In Manipur (India), since May 2023 the brutality is on display. Ethical conflict and ethnic cleansing resulted in terrible violence and ruthless assault of women. The news report states: The women were stripped and forced to walk naked, surrounded by a mob that dragged them to a field and allegedly gang-raped one of them. (NDTV 21 July 2023) The victims and witnesses said: The mob pounced on the victims like brute animals.

Protected criminals: A Levite and his concubine thought of staying a night at Gibeah during their journey. The men encircle the home and force the men to give up the concubine who is raped all night and left at the door, where she falls dead. When the Assembly of Israel asked the Gibeah city elders to surrender the culprits, they refused. Later a civil war kills more than 25000 Benjaminites. (Judges 19,20) There are many sponsors, protectors, and benefactors for wicked criminals.

Culture of crime: Paul writes to Titus about his ministry on the small island of Crete. Paul quotes Epimenides of Gnossus, a seventh-century BC poet and prophet from Crete, who criticizes his own culture. (Titus 1:12) Humans created in the image of God, choose to live like animals. They have become an embodiment of evil or wickedness. Some of them are blasphemous, whom Peter terms as ‘irrational beasts’ fit to be caught and destroyed. (II Peter 2:12) Violence has increased, humans have become like beasts. Casual sex, or ‘hook culture’ shows, humans can become like animals, rejecting family as an ‘outlandish’ idea. With lawlessness increasing, the ‘jungle law’ of ‘survival of the fittest’ has become real in many communities. Rape is used as a weapon to humiliate not just an individual woman but the whole community.

Last days: Paul writes to Timothy that the last days would be terrible. On the list it states people will be brutal, not lovers of good, boastful, conceited, rash, without self-control, etc. (II Timothy 3:1-5) The victims are unable to get either justice or protection.

Am I a channel of justice and teach righteousness in the community?