What is a crime?

One video captured an inhuman act of a Brahmin urinating on an Adivasi man. It is alleged, he was demanding his wages, hence this punishment. The Chief Minister of the state, keeping in mind the bad reputation of the party, invited the Adivasi man home and symbolically washed his feet. However, the caste association president defended the criminal, who did the inhuman act. He said: “What is the crime in urinating?” (The Statesman, 11 July 2023)
Poor victim: The Adivasi man was poor and powerless in terms of social, religious, and economic status. He had no rights or privileges whatsoever in the worldview of such a priestly class. The poor must compulsorily work for the higher echelon of society but had no rights for wages or cannot fix or demand any remuneration. God is interested in the poor in the Scripture. He has commanded that wages be given before sunset for the poor as they look forward and depend on the same. (Deuteronomy 24:15)
Pride: The caste pride makes them consider themselves as supreme, and others with contempt. Hating and demeaning others is a daily behavior of many especially to the rural poor, who are illiterate. This pride also gives them the audacity to treat others with contempt.
Privilege: The privileges are cornered by them, while responsibilities are thrust upon them. The privileges are considered as rewards for their godly lives, in previous births. The responsibilities are termed righteous religious dharma, which serves the privileged caste.
Power: These upper castes claim power and authority, because of their virtue of birth. Also, their power is interpreted as divinely ordained or bestowed. It gives them religious power sanctioned by political authorities.
Protection: While the oppressed plead based on the constitution of India, the higher caste is protected by Manusmiriti, their sacred book.
Punishment or reward: Sadly, such heinous and inhuman crimes are not punished, but instead rewarded. Since the perpetrator was thrown in jail, the Brahmin Samaj raised funds to support him to fight legal cases and for his family.
Do I resist evil and uphold righteousness?