Jonah an angry prophet

Legend says that Emperor Nero was playing fiddle, ecstatically as the city of Rome was burning. Even people of God could descend to that level of insanity. Sadly, Prophet Jonah reflects in his Adamic nature this wickedness. Reluctant Jonah, at last, went to Nineveh. The city unexpectedly by Jonah repented and fasted for three days, beginning with the king. However, Jonah was not excited or delighted. Instead, he went outside the city waiting and watching for the city of Nineveh to be overthrown. (Jonah 4:5)
Prophecy: For Jonah, his prophetic words were more important than God’s Promises, attributes, and work. Since, he has been commissioned to preach in Nineveh, and has warned of destruction, the city should be destroyed. God’s promises for those who repent, God’s love, and His act of redemption did not have any meaning for Jonah.
Reputation: Jonah was more concerned about his reputation than God’s glory or perishing souls. As a prophet whatever he has prophesied should come true, without considering the consequences. God is glorified by redeeming sinners, yes, He is glorified by punishing or executing judgment on unrepentant sinners. Jonah understood the glory through judgment and not glory through the grace of God.
Sadist: Nero could enjoy witnessing the misery of people. A similar sadist mindset was in Jonah as he was waiting to see some drastic destruction and dance of death over Nineveh.
Lack of concern: Lord questioned him about his lack of concern. He was so selfish that he enjoyed the shade of a plant, and was depressed when the plant was eaten by a worm. Jonah was worried about a plant but had no concern for a population of 120000 people. These people did not know the difference between left and right (good and evil). (Jonah 4:9-11)
Angry: Jonah was also angry. He replied to God that he was angry enough to die. He had unrestrained and unwarranted anger at anything and everything.
Selfish: Jonah was serving himself, rather than God. He was unwilling to submit to God’s sovereign will and authority.
Am I like Jonah, angry and insensitive?