Busy here and there

As the war was in progress, one soldier was assigned a task of holding a prisoner of war (POW) in his custody. However, the POW escaped. The commander summoned the soldier and conducted an inquiry. The soldier said: “And as your servant was busy here and there, he was gone”. The commander gave the death sentence to an irresponsible soldier. He said: “Your life for allowing the POW to escape.” (I Kings 20: 38-43)
It does not serve any purpose to be ‘busy here and there’: opportunities and time would be gone. There are people busy with good things, urgent things, morally and legally right things. Learning to focus on our vision, core tasks, and goals would help us to accomplish great things.
1) Material things: Esau without life or eternity perspective was exchanging his first-born birth right for a one time meal. Busy with one meal, his rights, blessings and inheritance were gone. (Genesis 25:29-34)
2) Flea focus: King Saul was not fighting for his nation against its enemies. He was pursuing shepherd David for no reason or purpose. (I Samuel 26:20)
3) Wrong Priorities: King Solomon was busy building buildings including the Temple of God. Yet, he fails to find his name on the list of faith heroes.
4) Pessimistic paradigm: Joseph’s brothers were not happy with his dreams. They wanted to kill the dream by killing the dreamer. They did not know that they were fighting against God the dream-giver.
5) Adulterous pursuits: Samson was chosen as Nazarite for God. Forgetting his consecration and purpose, he was involved with many women. Not knowing the Spirit of God left him, he was blinded then became a suicide killer in history. (Judges 16:20; 30)
6) Narcissism: Absalom absolutely loved himself. He thought he may not have descendants, hence built a tower to perpetuate his name. (II Samuel 18:18)
7) Idolatry: King Ahaz sought help from the King of Assyria to defeat the king of Syria. When he went to Damascus, he brought strange worship of false gods to Jerusalem. (II Kings 16: 10)

Are we focused or busy here and there?