Scrolls, books, and digital books

Technology keeps on moving ahead. People adapt to new technologies, which impacts life, society, culture and lifestyle. Lord commanded Moses to bring two stone tablets. Lord wrote on them. That was the writing technology then. During prophet Jeremiah’s time, it was scrolls. Even Paul and Luke wrote on scrolls. The Word of God was copied one copy at a time by dedicated people. The whole bible written in scrolls will occupy a house where a family could live comfortably. To own a copy of scrolls, it could be life- long savings of an average wage earner.
Printing technology makes printing cheaper and knowledge affordable. We can carry the whole bible in our bags and go anywhere. That changed the world Christianity for about 500 years. Yes, the mark of discipleship was to carry the Bible. There came many quotes about carrying the bible always as a Christian. Godly people reading the Bible while travelling became very familiar. This is not a new habit, even the Ethiopian eunuch was reading the book of Isaiah while travelling on this chariot.
Now digital technology has changed the world. More communications are digital, even media has become more digital. In this context, the Bible in smartphones, iPad, laptop is a reality. Any person can have the whole bible in several versions and languages in their smartphones. They can read any time, including night-time, even where there is no source of light. Also, there are numerous bible commentaries available free in the digital format.
Sadly, there are a few who say the printed bible is only holy. When the printed bible was published there were people who said only scrolls were holy. However, the printed bible became a reality, and it reached several homes, institutions and libraries. Now, the digital format of the bible could reach all individuals, which is a great outreach.
Embracing technology and using it for multiplication and distribution is wisdom. The most important thing is to read, understand, apply and meditate the Word of God, day and night. (Psalms 1:1-3)
Do I read, meditate and apply biblical truths daily?