Can a woman forget her child?

A high-caliber, highly accomplished, and highly intellectual woman who had her own start-up company was arrested for murdering her four-year-old son. (10 January 2024 NDTV) She is an expert in AI. Interestingly she was on the International AI Ethics Committee to formulate ethics for the industry. The Bible teaches that it is almost impossible for a mother to forget her child. (Isaiah 49:15) Very rarely a woman would forget or murder her child.
Bitterness: The woman was fighting a case seeking divorce from her husband. Their relationship became sour and were bitterly fighting the case. The bitterness was so deep that it was blinding her, that she poured out bitterness on others, especially her son, who was an innocent victim.
Hate: Once, as a couple, they were together loving one another, and the son is the proof of their love. Yet, both parted ways, making allegations against one another. Police cases were filed, and they could not live in peace.
Greed: In the court, she wanted maintenance for her son. Though she was earning a lot, she sought the court to get money for the upbringing of their son. The amount she claimed was enormous. An amount she claimed per month was greater than the yearly income of an average worker.
Selfish: The court also gave right to the husband to visit the child on Sundays, which she did not like. She wanted to be the sole custodian of the child, but also get a huge amount to nurture him. However, she did not want even his shadow to fall on the child.
Natural Love submerged: Her natural love towards her son was not there, instead, it was crushed by bitterness, hate, greed, and selfishness. As Paul writes, in the Last Days, people will be selfish, lovers of self, ruthless, and heartless; so is this woman. (II Timothy 3:1-5)
Right relationship: It is essential to have the right relationship with God, and to have the right relationship with others. Intelligence, human ethics, worldly morality, and success are not enough.
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