Dream and Death

Some dreams are revelations of God, some are fantasies or wishes, many are shattered, and sadly some lead to death. A 71-year-old Brazilian man plunges 130 Feet to his death in a hole he dug after dreaming about buried gold. He is believed to have slipped and plunged to his death from a wooden platform near the top of the 35-inch hole as he tried to exit it following work to remove water and mud. (NDTV World 10 January 2024)
Pots of gold: Probably, this man dreamed of pots of gold that were buried under his kitchen beneath his home. He thought a person like the one-talented man must have buried it a few years or decades before him. (Matthew 25:18)
Pit of greed: At the age, when he should have rested, relaxed, and enjoyed life, he began to dig under his home, searching for the imagined treasure. Greed blinded his reason, disregarded the advice of others, and ventured into the deep pit. As an old man, he had very few years to live, but greed made his life a restless busy bee.
Pit of meaninglessness: For more than a year, this old man engaged in digging a 35-inch or so pit. He toiled every day continuously and reached 130 feet deep. He also engaged some workers to help him to dig. As he encountered a hard rock, he even envisaged using dynamite to break it. The time, labor, energy, money, and other resources used were for a meaningless project.
Pit of death: The pursuit of wealth, that too easy wealth led to the death of a senior citizen. The lack of godliness and contentment was a great loss for him. (I Timothy 6:6) Even if a man accumulates the wealth and power in the whole world, and loses his soul, forever he is condemned to hell. (Matthew 16:26) He failed to seek the things that are above, where Christ is seated. (Colossians 3:1) Hence, did not think of storing treasures in heaven, instead tried amassing them from beneath the earth. (Matthew 6:19-21)
Do I have Godly dreams?