Capstone or Cornerstone

In ancient architecture, the cornerstone or capstone was the most important point of the building. It was the principal stone, the largest, strong, and solid, placed in the corner and the whole edifice is built from it. The alignment, and measurement of the remaining construction are determined from it. Lord Jesus is the cornerstone. (Isaiah 28:16-17; I Peter 2:6; Ephesians 2:19-21) Psalmist David states that God is the rock, fortress, and deliverer. (Psalms 18:1)
Precious: Prophet Isaiah addresses the scoffers, boasters, and mockers of Judah that God will send His precious Son, to provide the firm foundation for their lives, if they trust in Him. This stone is precious, unique, and ultimate. There is none other. Lord Jesus Christ is chosen by God and is precious to the Father. (I Peter 2:4) According to C.H. Spurgeon Christ is precious intrinsically, positively, comparatively, superlatively, and suitably to the need of each believer.
Tested: Lord Jesus was tempted, but proved He was without sin. The principles of the world: the desire of eyes, desire of flesh, and pride of life could not corrupt or contaminate Him. He is the Holy Son of God, Lord, and Saviour.
A sure foundation: The cornerstone of the Lord Jesus Christ is the sure foundation for humans. Lord Jesus Christ said that those who listen and live according to His Word are like the wise man who built his house upon the rock. (Matthew 7: 24-27)
Rejected by unbelief: Foolish builders may not discern the right cornerstone. In the same way, there are many religious builders, who try to build without the cornerstone. Their attempts will all fail. Lord Jesus Christ was despised, and rejected by the chosen Nation. (Isaiah 53:3)
Stumble by rebellion: The wise men from the East came to worship the newborn king. At the same time, Herod wanted to kill the infant Lord Jesus Christ. The rebellious spirit of Herod stumbled on the cornerstone of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Mark 12:10; Psalms 118: 22) The Stone will crush the rebels in judgment. (Matthew 21:44)
Is Lord Jesus Christ the cornerstone and foundation of my life?