Celebration of Resurrection

One couple had a celebration of their anniversary. They invited several friends to give thanks to the Lord for His faithfulness and share joy with a lunch party. Biryani is a special dish cooked with meat and rice. The party was hosted and all enjoyed the sumptuous biryani. After returning home, many friends just remembered the biryani and thanked the couple for that. Only a few understood the celebration of faithfulness of God and wished the couple.
It is sad to see in the world the nuclear or crux or central are neglected while peripheral things or trivia is celebrated. In the incident above, the ‘celebration of faithfulness of God’ which was the reason for the party was quickly forgotten, the secondary thing, the party especially the food was remembered.
In Christendom today also we can see similar things. Lord Jesus Christ birth is hidden in the debris of other traditions. Santa Claus becomes prominent, who has remote connection with the First Christmas. Carols is celebrated for meaning and music. Mostly, it is one of the features of Advent Calendar in churches. Christmas Tree and decorations are for pleasing atmosphere and welcoming guests. It also serves as an annual cleansing. Christmas without cakes is incomplete, hence best cakes are baked or outsourced.
The Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, which is fundamental for Christian faith is celebrated as Easter. The significant Christian teaching is hidden by traditions. Easter bunny becomes important. Coming from the folklore as rabbits bringing eggs. Hence, Easter eggs or Paschal eggs are decorated with various colours. Wooden eggs are also used, and now-a-days chocolate eggs covered with foil is used.
The Christian teaching is Lord Jesus Christ was born as human, served with holiness, suffered in righteousness, crucified by wicked humanity, died, buried and rose again on the third day. He is alive, is faithful and just to forgive those who trust in Him. Let us celebrate Easter with joy, peace and hope.
How cheerfully do I celebrate Easter?