School of Grace

The only child is loved by both the parents and also grandparents. Sadly the child is afflicted by a disease for which she had to be provided with bitter medicine each day for about a year. Each day, giving the dose of medicine was a very difficult task for parents. It was like parents afflicting their own daughter if not abusing her. To have right perspective: parents afflicted their daughter. It was their moral, spiritual, parental and social responsibility. Instead of honey, Lord prescribes bitter wormwood for the sake of his children.
Psalmist acknowledges God’s faithfulness in the midst of his affliction. “In faithfulness you have afflicted me.” (Psalms 119:75) He had a clear understanding about God that he is true, righteous, promise keeping and covenant-fulfilling God. God to be truthful to His attributes, he has to faithful to the extend of disciplining, shaping even if it is by affliction.
Psalmist experienced goodness as the result of affliction. (Psalms 119:71) God’s intention, method and result of affliction is good for those who love and trust him. (Romans 8:28) Covenant keeping God will allow affliction that would shake us, shock us and ultimately shape us.
Three things Psalmist does during his affliction which are good precepts for our own life. First, focus on the Promise amid affliction. ((Psalms 119:50) Our life is preserved in affliction or transported to eternal heaven. Psalmist teaches us to pray, remembering His promised during affliction. (Psalms 119: 153) If affliction is pain and misery, His Word is the soothing balm of delight. (Psalms 119:92) Prayer, Promises and Word are the anti-dote for affliction. This is the school of Grace, that transforms us because of His New Covenant through the cross of Calvary with us.
How have I fared in the school of grace?