Child culprit

In an unfortunate incident, a food delivery agent was thrashed by residents and guards of an apartment in Bengaluru after an 8-year-old girl accused him of kidnapping and she escaped by biting his hand. Police found out through CCTV records that the girl had gone to the terrace on her own. Later the child said she scripted the kidnap story as she was afraid of parents for going to the terrace without their knowledge, while she was supposed to do her study. (Deccan Herald 16 June 2023)
Telling lies: Educated couples are unable to teach and train their children in fear of God, moral values, and attitude towards others. An 8-year-old girl could tell a blatant lie to their parents, for concealing her fault for not doing her studies. A small child could script a kidnapping drama of kidnapping.
Accusing someone: To hide her fault, she accused someone of a heinous crime. She wanted to be safe, in her comfort zone, and unharmed. But she could make a stranger suffer for no fault of his. The child was afraid of punishment rather than her pettiness to accuse some stranger and got him punished.
Selfishness: She was insensitive even when she saw her lie causing immense suffering to the delivery boy.
Victim of violence: An innocent person, who was in no way connected was mercilessly thrashed by an unruly mob led by the parents of the girl. The Bible warns against following a mob to be involved in evil deeds. (Exodus 23:2) The mob arrogated themselves as police and judges, to dispense cruel punishment.
Inheritance of sin: King David states that sin is inherited from parents. (Psalm 51:5) Human Fall is that all are born sinners.
Age of innocence: Some think only those who are about 12 years old are capable of sin. However, this girl was below that age. A child when it reaches the stage of intellectual and moral accountability, will be accountable to God. The age may vary for each child.
Fallen society: This sad event reflects the fall of moral and social values in society.
Am I the salt of society to preserve moral values?