Finish Well and Complete the race

Dr. J. Robert Clinton is a leadership expert. He writes about Finishing well: “There are 80 or so leaders mentioned in the bible. There are about 100 who have data that helps you to interpret their leadership. About 50 of these have enough data for evaluation of their finish. About 1 in 3 finished well.” He provides six characteristics of leaders who finish well. Paul exhorts several times for believers not to fail or faint but finish well. (Galatians 6:9)
Personal relationship: Leaders who finish well have a vibrant relationship with the Lord. Christian Leadership influence flows from the throne of God.
Learning Posture: These leaders learn, using different methods and from multiple sources -especially – life lessons. Daniel was reading the Book of Jeremiah and praying even when he was old. (Daniel 9) Paul, when old and in prison, asked for parchments and books to be brought by Timothy. (II Timothy 4:13)
Christlikeness: They demonstrate Christlikeness by bearing the Fruit of Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) Many personalities who were rough and tough have become gentle. John who desired to bring fire from heaven upon the Samaritan village, became an Apostle of love.
Truth lived out: These leaders live by biblical convictions, and take decisions based on Scriptural values. Fulfillment of God’s promises is real in their lives, as they live by faith.
Ultimate contribution: They leave behind at least one enduring contribution. Here are the categories of enduring legacies: saints, ministry models, mentors, rhetoricians, pioneers, crusaders, artists, founders, stabilizers, researchers, promoters, and writers. According to Robert Clinton, all these categories are evident in the life of Daniel.
Sense of destiny: God’s call and purpose are evident in their lives. With a strong conviction that God had called them for a special task, a specific task, in an appropriate time and context. Joseph understood his life purpose through dreams and pursued the path. David knew he was there on the waterfront as God’s purpose was to fight Goliath.
Examples: Daniel in the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament are excellent models who finished well.
Do I run to finish well?