Citizenship woes

A medical professional for over 30 years, who was born in the United States was stripped of his citizenship. A 62-year-old man was informed that when he was born in the US, citizenship was granted to him by mistake as the son of a diplomat with diplomatic immunity which is not eligible. He was directed to apply for lawful permanent resident status. (NDTV 29 November 2023) He is like the man who did not wear the wedding garment provided to the guests, and he was rejected from the feast. (Matthew 22:1-14)
Wedding Feast: The king (God the Father) invites people to join the wedding of his son (Lord Jesus Christ). Those who were invited rejected the invitation and refused to come and even killed a few messengers. The king sent his army to bring in all who were willing. When the king came to see the feast, he could identify a person without the Wedding Garment. Since he could not give a proper explanation, he was thrown out of the feast.
Wedding garment: All the guests were provided with a wedding garment and were expected to come inside wearing that. Did he sneak in without being noticed? Did he get in, by some error, like the man who lost his citizenship? However, this man was either ignorant or arrogant. Even if he is ignorant, noticing others wearing the wedding garment, he should have changed. Probably, he thought, why should he change?
The garment of salvation: Those who accept the Lord Jesus Christ are gifted with the Garment of Salvation, the garment of praise. and robe of righteousness. (Isaiah 61:3, 10; Psalms 132:9) Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves with fig leaves that would wither, cause itch, and prick. (Genesis 3:7) Sadly, there are numerous who like to be clothed with their own righteousness which is like filthy rags or mensural clothes. (Isaiah 64:6)
Another way? Lord Jesus is the Only way. Some robbers and thieves misinterpret Scripture and try to climb or sneak in, without the Lord Jesus Christ; the gate. (John 10:1, 9) They will be thwarted and severely punished.
Do I have the garment of salvation, righteousness, and praise?

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