Fault of leaders

In one region in India, there were two princely states. The missionaries came to that region and requested permission from the kings to allow them to start a school and a hospital. One king rejected them and chased them from their territory. Another king welcomed them and allowed them to serve. After nearly a century, the town that rejected the message of missionaries is a small insignificant, not better than a village. Even now it does not have an institution for higher education. The other town has grown to have multiple schools, colleges, engineering colleges, nursing colleges, hospitals, and an industrial area with several factories generating employment…etc. Today it is a prosperous, dynamic, and growing city.
Jeroboam: King Solomon strayed from his relationship with the Lord, forgot His commandments, and was misled by his multiple wives into the worship of idols. (I Kings 11:4) God decided to keep His covenant with David; hence he divided the kingdom during the reign of the son of Solomon, Rehoboam. As prophesized by Ahija Jeroboam established kingdom in Samaria. (I Kings 14:9)
Political power corrupts: Jeroboam was a diligent and dynamic leader. He depended on himself rather than God. He wanted to establish his kingdom and have his descendants rule forever. Hence, he created alternative worship places in Dan and Bethel, installing one golden calf in each place, so that people of his kingdom would not go to Jerusalem for worship and be wooed back by the King of Judah. (I Kings 12:28-30)
Alternative worship: Jeroboam in addition to golden calves, built shrines, appointed priests not necessarily the Levites. (I Kings 12:31) He instituted a system of holidays, sacrifices, and festivals which was a copy of Judaism.
Legacy: God promised Jeroboam to make his family like that of David, but he self-destructed himself, and his family was overthrown. (I Kings 11:38; 13:34; I Kings 14:11) Following his model all kings of Israel sinned against God and perished. God warned and judged future kings showing how Jeroboam perished and did not have a decent burial.
Am I a cause for other’s fall?

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