Commercial Prophets

A self-proclaimed prophet visits a city in India. He calls on the Christian community to receive healing, words of prophecy, and miracles. The fee for each person was Rs. 12000 (Indian rupees twelve thousand only). A grand opening happened in a hotel ballroom. Some anti-social elements barged in claiming that conversion is happening by fraud. The preacher was not giving money to participants, in fact, it was the other way around. Seeing them, the prophet ran away.
Profit-making prophets: Paul warned about the false teachers and false prophets. They could be discerned by their attitude towards money. (I Timothy 6:1) God provides spiritual gifts to the body of Christ. The individuals who have received those gracious gifts ought to use them for the glory of God, growing the church and building up the believers. False prophets use them for their selfish gains, building their personal empire not the Kingdom of God. Also, indulge in spiritual blackmailing.
Stupid sheep: Unlike the Bereans who well understood the Scripture, most Christians are biblical illiterates. They were able to evaluate and examine the teachings of Paul from the Scriptural perspective. Eagerly and enthusiastically, they received the Word, had a daily habit of studying and meditating on the Scripture, and had a biblical worldview to discern what is right. (Acts 17:1) Those who run after such prophets are stupid sheep, not following the Good Shepherd.
Bouncers and Bodyguards: Sadly, like politicians, these so-called Christian leaders go around with bodybuilders to protect them. It is either to impress the crowds or to express a lack of faith. Who pays for these busybodies? The money the poor saints donate sacrificially is used for these extravaganzas. Great teacher Ezra, who had the favor of the king, was ashamed to ask for protection to travel on the dangerous roads of the ancient world. (Ezra 8:22)
Cowards: When those disruptors came, thinking the prophet was paying money to convert them, he ran away with his protective team. Good shepherds die for their sheep. (John 10:11). False prophets are selfish and leave the helpless sheep, runaway to safety.
Do I discern and learn from true teachers?