Millennials lie the most

According to a survey, 23 percent of millennials (born 1982-1996) and 21% of Gen Z’ers (1997-2011) (21%) said they have lied on social media this year to impress people. They also focus more on money, image, and fame, hence making lying a habit. In contrast, honesty is the best policy, for 89 percent of Generation X (1965-81) and 86 percent of baby boomers (1946-1964) claimed they were honest on social media the whole year. Men lie more than women. (Emily Lefroy, New York Post, 5 July 2023) Sad to see post-truth society plunging into darkness.
Crete: Crete is an island in the Mediterranean, where Paul preached and established a church. Later, Paul deputed Titus to appoint elders to establish and multiply the churches there. Paul when he wrote to Titus stated that Cretans were always liars, evil beasts, and lazy gluttons. (Titus 1:12) In fact, Paul was quoting one of the Cretan writers, Epimenides. People of Crete were compulsive and habitual liars.
Seven deadly sins: Lying tongue is one of the seven listed deadly sins. (Proverbs 6:16-17) When a person lies, s/he hates the one s/he lies against. (Proverbs 26:28) This is a violation of the royal command to love your neighbor as yourself.
Deceptive teachers: False teachers are liars, they misrepresent God, mislead people, and misrepresent the scripture. They are compared to irrational animals with destructive behavior. (II Peter 2:4-22; Jude 1:10)
False witness: Giving false witness is destructive. (Exodus 20:16) Jezebel set up scoundrels as false witnesses, who said Naboth blasphemed against God and the king. He was stoned to death. (I Kings 21:1-25)
False report: Instead of communicating only authentic news and messages, people carry false reports. (Exodus 23:1) A false report could be an unverified gossip, malicious whisper, destructive narratives, and hate episodes. Forwarding such is bearing false reports.
Native tongue: When Satan speaks, it is always lies, as it is his native tongue or language. (John 8:44) When a person lies, he stops speaking in his mother tongue and adopts the hell language (or unnatural tongues) of Satan.
Have I stopped lying and speaking the truth? (Colossians 3:9)