Confusing prophets

In one TV news channel, a weather reporter said that she had received three contradicting weather forecasts, from three different sources. It was left to the wisdom of the listeners, to discern and decide which one they should anticipate and act.
Historical context: Ahab was a wicked king. But Jehoshaphat, a good king of Judah was very friendly with Ahab, and made military and marriage alliances with him. Ahab wanted to get back the territories taken by Syria. He wanted Jehoshaphat to accompany him in the war. (I Kings 22:1-40)
Mass prophecy: Four hundred prophets said to Ahab to go to war and will be victorious. In fact, they were not prophets by sycophants.
Righteous king discerns: Jehoshaphat did not believe in the mass prophecy that was false. Asked Ahab to bring another prophet. Micaiah was brought, who was briefed by those who escorted him to agree with the four hundred prophets.
Wicked Ahab discerns: Prophet Micaiah first agreed with the four hundred prophets. Interestingly, Ahab thought Micaiah was not speaking the full truth, urging him to tell the truth. He said that the Israelite were seen in his vision as scattered without a shepherd. Micaiah continued that lying spirits were sent on false prophets to mislead and punish Ahab.
Ahab deceives Jehoshaphat: Ahab said he will go in disguise, while Jehoshaphat should fight in his kingly robes. Ahab tricked Jehoshaphat that he could be killed and he himself escaped. That means, he believed the prophecy, but thought to direct the angel of death towards Jehoshaphat and escape.
Jehoshaphat escapes: Syrian commander gave orders to target the king of Israel and attacked Jehoshaphat who was in king’s apparel. He cried unto the Lord and God helped him to escape.
Ahab killed: Though he was not in king’s apparel, a random arrow hit Ahab, and was killed in the war.
Prophets today: Sadly, there are many prophets who belong to the mass false prophets of the four-hundred club. Very few like that of Micaiah.
Do I discern false prophets with the help of the Holy Scripture and the Holy Spirit?