May 2023

Wrong advisors

There was a good Christian ministry with several staff, churches, and institutions. The charismatic leader suddenly died due to a heart attack. His son took over the leadership and wanted to make his ministry a world-class one. The senior leaders who had served alongside his father were called, and their counsel was heard. Then he […]

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Christian Maturity

Susan Devadass in her book: Pressed but not crushed lists her life lessons from her trials. Christian life is to become mature, perfect and like him. (Colossians 1:28; Matthew 5:48) Life journey is filled with frustrations, disruptions, disappointments, opposition, hindrances, and discouragements. She provides six lessons: 1. Maturity is managing anger: Christian maturity is the

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Small boys would play pushing a wall. Despite their effort, sweat and tiredness, the object, the wall, does not move. That means no work is done. In physics, work is done when an object is moved or displaced by an external force. Work not done: Paul writes: “For we hear that some among you walk

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