People to be pitied

A teenager attempted suicide. Was admitted in a critical condition in the hospital. He was into drugs and felt he was not loved, hence took this extreme step. One of his friends who was a follower of Lord Jesus Christ visited him in the hospital daily, gave him hope and courage. The boy was delivered from the drugs and became a transformed person through the gospel. His parents were so happy, they thanked the couple who gave new life to their son. However, they said: “Please do not be a friend of my son, our honour is in jeopardy if he becomes a follower of Lord Jesus Christ.” Thanked the couple but their friendship was jolted. Paul writes that those follow Lord Jesus Christ only for earthly benefits and blessings are miserable and should be pitied. (I Corinthians 15:19)
Culture: Certain cultures operate on the principles of honour and shame. People respect or regard or value certain aspects of life. Being powerful, influential, controlling resources, and rich are considered honour able. The person could have usurped power or oppressed the poor or possessed ill-gotten wealth. The ignoble means by which they have attained or accomplished not considered. The wealthy man who obtained riches through illegal means, if caught by the law, that person is shamed and shunned. There are no absolute morals, values, and virtues.
Honour able environment: Sadly, this honour able environment is unable to protect young people. The young man felt rejected, not honour ed, shamed not esteemed by the culture, hence took drugs, and without satisfaction, he attempted suicide. There is no affirmation from the environment, only criticism, and hostile rebukes.
Honour capacity: The culture that condemns someone does not have the capacity or resources to restore a person who has fallen. The rejected young man could not be redeemed or transformed. Only the gospel gave him deliverance. For all victims of culture, the gospel is the only hope.
Honour Hope: Such culture is fatalistic and dead, and cannot give life or hope. The boy could have been anonymously dead but for the gospel workers.
Do I esteem Scripture or culture?