Wrong advisors

There was a good Christian ministry with several staff, churches, and institutions. The charismatic leader suddenly died due to a heart attack. His son took over the leadership and wanted to make his ministry a world-class one. The senior leaders who had served alongside his father were called, and their counsel was heard. Then he called another meeting calling his childhood friends, college classmates, young business people, and cousins. They gave several innovative ideas but lacked experience, maturity, and understanding of missions. Heeding these youngsters, like Rehoboam brought overnight changes that collapsed and split the ministry. (I Kings 12:8)
People’s demand: Prophet Samuel explained clearly the economic and oppressive consequences of choosing a king. Yet, people wanted a king. (I Samuel 8:10-19) Now, under the new king, they wanted economic reprieve, not spiritual demands.
A good start: Rehoboam began well realizing that he needed help and was humble enough to seek advice and counsel from people who had served his father. (II Chronicles 10:5-7) Nevertheless, he was not willing to listen and obey.
Dislike: The spiritually mature and politically experienced gave the right advice to heed to Jeroboam’s request with an open mind. The advisors valued gentleness, generosity, patience, and kindness. Even though Rehoboam valued their advice but rejected it was not relevant and practical. Hence, he summoned another group of youngsters, who grew up with him.
Irreverent and irrelevant advice: The inexperienced youngsters who grew up with him wanted to boost the ego of Rehoboam. As a king, he should not be a servant but display his power and authority over people. Heeding them will be considered a weakness. They wanted Rehoboam to be ruthless, haughty, insensitive to people’s needs, and decisive.
Lack of discernment: good leaders are good decision-makers. Without discernment, a gift from God, it is not possible to be a great leader. Discerning the times, discerning what is right (moral aspect) or appropriately right (legal aspect) and right (spiritual aspect). Christian leaders are called to do the Will of God and need spiritual discernment, knowledge, and wisdom.
Do I seek, discern, and follow the right advice?