No Regret for divorce?

A bench of Justices K. M. Joseph and B. V. Nagarathna of the Supreme Court in India rebuked a young couple who worked in Bangalore for seeking divorce on mutual consent. “You have no regret for divorce but have regret for marriage.” (NDTV 23 April 2023) Sadly, the couple did not understand the significance of marriage hence regretted their marriage, and did not feel guilty about divorce. The Bible teaches: “Let marriage be held in honor among all.” (Hebrews 13:4)
Dishonored by lack of faith: Sadly, even before marriage, a prenuptial agreement is written between the marrying partners. That means there is a lack of faith in God and in the other person.
Dishonored by abuse: When spouses do not love one another, but instead abuse, they are dishonoring God, His Law, and covenant. Physical domestic violence is common in many parts of the world including India. Emotional abuse, and depriving daily needs, and finances are other forms of abuse.
Dishonored by live-in relationship: God expects a couple to be committed to one another by a covenant, love one another, sacrifice for one another, and have the life-long joy of being together. A live-in relationship is spiritually, morally, and legally wrong.
Dishonored by adultery: The Ten Commandments prohibit adulterous relationships. (Exodus 20:14) Sexual relationship is legal, spiritual, moral, and appropriate only between married husband and wife. Any relationship outside marriage is a violation of the f marriage covenant, disobedience to God, and rebellion against the institution of marriage.
Dishonored by negligence: Negligent wife does not care for her husband or a husband disregards his wife. Instead of celebrating life together and sharing burdens together, they are indifferent.
Dishonor by redefinition: Now, there are many who want to redefine marriage as a relationship between two consenting individuals. Some national governments have even legally approved relationships between two men or two women as marriage. How can they define an institution they never created?
Dishonored by divorce: Marriage is a covenant and is considered a Sacrament by the Roman Catholic Church. Divorce could be an exception and not a norm.
Do I esteem, regard, and celebrate marriage as a God created institution?