Consistent Courage

Walt Mason writes an interesting story in his poetry. A hunter was attacked by a lion. He had to undergo a painful surgery. He faced the pain and suffering courageously. The same hunter, when faced with insect bites, would shout and even become vulgar. Walt Mason observes that the hunter received a celebrity status: for “he showed the scars in triumph, and they gave him pleasant fame, and he always blessed the lion that had camped upon his frame.” But by enduring insect or mosquito bites, he will not get fame. He advises us to face all problems including the little ones with the same courage and determination.
Faced Lion: Samson was confronted by a young lion that ran towards his roaming. He was not afraid. Without any weapon, with his bare hands tore the lion to pieces as a butcher does to a goat. (Judges 14:6) The fearlessness is amazing. He was neither perturbed nor shocked and paralyzed. He killed the lion.
Faced Enemies: The Philistine came to bind Samson; the residents of Lehi bound him and handed him over to them. The Spirit of God came upon Samson, the ropes became like flax melted by fire. With one jawbone of a donkey, he could kill one thousand Philistine enemies. (Judges 15:15)
Vexed by words: Delilah was used by Philistine rulers to find the secret of the strength of Samson. Every day, she tormented Samson with words. Her emotional blackmail was: If you truly love me, will tell me the secret. Samson told lies and escaped, yet Delilah was persistent, and Samson was foolish. He did not have spiritual or emotional resources to counter her torture with words. Frustrated, he told the truth that he was arrested, blinded, and tortured. (Judges 16:16)
Words of weight: Samson could not withstand the attack by words, which are invisible, but powerful. For him, defeating an identifiable, physical enemy was easy. Many are emotionally hurt, mentally fatigued, and spiritually drained by words.
Conquerors: God has called us to be victorious irrespective of the opposition: lion or an army or words.
Am I a consistent overcomer?