Discipline of Giving

There was a disciple of Lord who migrated from a village to a city in India. He started a small shop for hairdressing, the only skill he had. As a God-fearing man, he will open the shop with prayer, first read the bible and then begin his work. On Sunday morning the shop will be opened only after Sunday worship service. Each day, the first income from the first customer and the tithe of whole day income would be separated and placed in a box. Each week he will take it to the church and offer it unto the Lord. Indeed, the whole family was blessed, his children became government officials.
No giving: There are many Christians who do not have the spiritual discipline or habit of giving. They have excuses like: Will my giving make any difference? The church has so much money.
Reluctant Giving: Offering time in the worship service is a hated aspect for some. They search for the least coin, which they carefully bring to offer. It is done with a sense of duty or to give an impression to others that they also give. Perhaps, Cain was reluctant to give, but gave just because Abel did. (Genesis 4:3-4)
Measured giving: Many Christians calculate and make sure they give tithe like Pharisees with a great expectation of rewards. (Luke 11:42)
Planned giving: The hairdresser in a wonderful example, had planned a systematic way of giving. Though not much educated, he was able to create a process for his daily disciplined giving.
Cheerful giving: God loves a cheerful giver. (II Corinthians 9:6-8) This person rejoices in giving. The poor widow gave all, 2 mites (0.2 percent of a daily wager), and did not even think of keeping one for herself. Cheerful giver forgets about himself/herself, is focused on God, hence gives joyfully.
Spiritual giving: Gratefulness to God’s abundant grace, unfailing love, marvelous gifts, most holy faith, great salvation, and promise of eternal life with Him; is expressed in cheerful, joyful, and generous giving. That shows the spiritual maturity of a believer.
Do I experience the Joy of Giving?