Confusion called Corona

If Noah’s ark could save his family in the flood, they thought they can build a city and a tower. Ark could accommodate so many animals. The city tower could accommodate a huge population. The land of Shinar was another name of Babylon. (Genesis 10:10) As God used ‘confusion of languages’ to stop human race to become totally rebellious; is God using Covid 19 to warn, punish and give one more opportunity to repent? There are several similarities:
1) Economic prosperity: Obviously, there was economic growth in Babel as in the world today. They had surplus or disposable income to invest in new vanity projects.
2) Technological competence: Baked bricks and asphalt were indicators of technological progress as asphalt was used for water proofing by Noah and by Moses’ mother. (Genesis 6:14; Exodus 2:3) Technological competence can lead to ‘technological arrogance.’ That means to believe in science and technology to be like god.
3) Communication: There was one language as all descended from one couple: Adam and Eve. Communication was seamless, perfect and could accomplish the task with perfection. Nothing could stop them. Modern digital communication gives similar access, reach and virtual reality.
4) Political Pride: There was unity. Now, it was conducive for anti-god dictator to take hold of power. They did not want to be scattered and scared because they imagined security was in numbers.
5) Pseudo religion: Rebellion against God’s commandment to multiply and fill the earth. (Genesis 9:1) Using asphalt was expression of unbelief and disregard for the Promise of God. Tower whose top reaches heavens: Astrological point to observe; Occult practices. They can reach heavens to gods and gods could descend to reach them. If their real intention was to reach heavens, they should have built on a mountain, not on plains. It was a religious deception.
It was a merciful punishment and not judgement. People were separated linguistically and geographically. Different culture and nations came into existence. Covid 19 could bring drastic changes to fulfil God’s purpose.
Do I have the ‘Tower of Babel’ mentality of rebellion?