Remain in me

Christian life is not a set of rules or principles or philosophies. It is dynamic intimate relationship with loving Lord Jesus Christ. Generally, Israelite thought they were the vine. Hence, in his conversation with disciples, Lord said, “I am the True Vine.”
1) Abide: He called his disciples to abide in Him. Remain in Lord reflects in choosing His will, making righteous choices, and taking God glorifying decisions. Disciples should remain in Lord Jesus, in His love, by keeping His commandments and in His joy. (John 15:4,9,10,11) Lord also abides in His disciples. (John 15:4)
2) Accept Discipline: Disciples could accomplish only nothing, without Christ. Father is the vinedresser. He prunes, parts that are sapping energy and strength making vine fruitless. If those parts are pruned, it would be later cut and thrown to be burnt. Unproductive branches are cast out, withered, gathered, thrown, and burned. (John 15:6) John the Baptist said that the axe is placed ready under the tree, those trees that could not give fruit will be cut down. (Matthew 3:10)
3) Abundant fruit: Fruit bearing is natural and inevitable. The quality and quantity may differ, but fruits are inevitable. Fruit could be thirty or sixty or hundred percent. Fruit is for others to enjoy and benefitted. Joseph was fruitful bough that gave fruits over the wall. (Genesis 49:22) Sadly, the Nation of Israel gave fruit for itself. (Hosea 10:1) Fruit is for seeds meant for reproduction or multiplication. Fruit of repentance, Fruit of spirit, Fruit of lips (worship) and fruit of making disciples are kinds of fruit expected from a disciple. (Matthew 3:8: Galatians 5:22,23; Hebrews 13:15)
4) Adapt to adverse context: World of hatred because it hated Lord Jesus Christ first. Lord has chosen his disciples out of the world, hence world hates disciples also. If they hated the master, they would hate the disciples too obviously. If the persecutors listen to the Lord, they will listen to his disciples also.
Does Lord abide in us and we in Him?