Search for unknown

One temple added a deity of ‘Corona Devi’ and dedicated it to protect people from Covid 19 in Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu. The idol was created using granite stone and there began a Maha Yagam for 48 days. (India Today, 19 May 2021) Yes, the unseen Corona virus has created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of people. They are desperately looking for help.

1) Fear of death: All humans love to live longer, healthier and wealthier. However, many do not get such privilege. They also know that they will be accountable for their life, hence, they are afraid to meet God the judge after death. Hence, they try to postpone death as much as possible. Eventually, they must face death, the last enemy. (I Corinthians 15:26) Disciples are delivered from the fear of death. (Hebrews 2:15)

2) Fear of unknown: The cause of death is understood as a virus called Covid 19. However, that is not seen by naked eyes, only scientist could see, understand and explain to others. There is no understanding whether Corona virus has rational faculty or just a force. Also, for many lives after death is mystery. The unknown future is controlled by an Unknown person. Even in Athens, the centre for philosophy had an altar dedicated to the unknown God. (Acts 17:23)

3) Appease: Sadly, for a majority God is not only unknown and also unknowable. Since, they do not know God or his attributes, they imagine that deities are always angry. They should be appeased, pacified and tamed by appropriate offerings, mantra and chants. Worship is to know the characteristics of God and offer him praises, while appeasement is trying to pacify an angry person.

4) Lack of Spiritual perception: People understand that there is a supernatural power beyond scientific knowledge. However, they fail to recognize the person as God who is the creator with divine attributes. Hence, they create through imagination a specialist intermediary god.

It is a great privilege to know the creator God revealed in the Bible.

Do I worship the living and loving God?