Credibility Gap

When a person takes charge of a government office, must declare an oath. Some take oaths in the name of God or a sacred book or the constitution of their country. Even daily, many people take oaths to establish their credibility or to demonstrate their non-existent integrity. Lord Jesus Christ warned against taking oath, serious or non serious, sacred or non sacred. (Matthew 5:34-37)
Throne of God: God’s Sovereign ruler and has absolute authority over all visible and invisible. Taking oath in his name means to blaspheme His name and violate the Ten Commandment. (Exodus 20:7) Psalmist wonders what is man that God is mindful of us. (Psalm 8:4)
Footstool of God: Man does not have rights to pronounce oath on earth. It is His creation and God’s footstool. As the throne is sacred, so is the footstool. It is God’s earth; humans are given permission to stay for a time. Taking an oath on earth is to pretend to be the owner of the earth.
City of great king: Jerusalem is God’s chosen place of worship and justice. God chose the city where the Temple was built by Solomon. On the outskirts of the city was Lord Jesus crucified for the salvation of humanity. Since the city belongs to God, no one has the right to take oath on that city.
Head: No human could create his own head. Lord Jesus said, a man/woman is so powerless, hence cannot turn one hair white or black. It seems to be a simple task, but impossible for humans. With such powerlessness, hypocrites only could take oaths on their head.
Yes be Yes: Lord taught to be people of integrity. Anything said or promised should be done or fulfilled. No excuses. No delays. No denials. A disciple is a person of integrity. Disciples should have the courage to say No, not be men pleasers. Breaking or forgetting promises, saying yes, when no should be uttered…are all from the evil – Satan.
Warning: There are a few who take oath on their parents or spouse or children which is again sin.
Am I a person of integrity?