International Slavery Museum, Liverpool

‘Slave Trade’ flourished for various reasons. European countries had a powerful presence in ships and could control trade routes. Greediness drove them to buy (forcefully and for money) people from Africa as slaves to work in tough situations in Americas as well as Europe. Greediness of African elite for goods from other part of world, drove them to sell their own countrymen as slaves.
Human dignity and humane values were destroyed by this. God by redeeming the slaves (Children of Israel) from Egypt demonstrated His purpose for humans to be free. There were conscience keepers of nations and the world who raised their voices against such inhuman practices like William Wilberforce who was inspired by the Bible. He spoke against Slave Trade as well as Slavery. Encouraged by church leaders, Wilberforce spearheaded a movement that resulted in abolition of Slave Trade in slavery. In 1807 slave trade was abolished and in 1833 slavery was abolished. In 1863 after civil war slavery ended in United States of America.
God fearing society acknowledges their historical and social blunders and sins against humanity. “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.” (Proverbs 28:13) Both nations did what was righteous in the sight of God. For Britain it was ‘economic suicide’. For the USA it was a civil war.
The International Slavery Museum portrays all the atrocities committed against Africans in pictures, enacted videos, artefacts. The photos and list of names tells it all. The museum not only acknowledges the ‘dark past’ and encourages society to move in the right direction. Historical lessons ought to be learnt by younger generations. It was heartening to see so many young people learning the bitter truth, probably resolving to not allow such inhuman sins in society.
A mature civilization moves forward by frank acknowledgement and not by justifying or glorifying the past with ‘fig leaf’ cover. The Church is the prophetic voice against social evil and injustice.
Am I the conscience keeper of my community/nation?