Crowd around the Cross

The greatest injustice and unrighteousness were meted out to Lord Jesus Christ. He was ruthlessly executed by crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. There were several groups of people witnessing the unfolding of those events.
1) Instigated crowd: The Pharisees and Sadducees instigated masses to demand crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ. The instigated masses let go Barabbas to prove their nationalism, who was a symbol of violence and chose Lord Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace to be crucified. Part of that crowd was there to see what was happening to self-congratulate their national service and massage their nationalist ego.
2) Intellectual crowd: The experts in the Law of Moses, interpretations, applications and commentaries were present to make sure that unschooled Rabbi is done away once for all. Lord Jesus teaching was popular, and they were being marginalized. Out of envy they conspired to crucify Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 27:18) They perceived Lord Jesus as threat to their authority in the nation.
3) Ignorant crowd: There were other people who were not instigated but were present. They witnessed the horrible scene. Simon of Cyrene was one among them. Feeling sad and helpless they did not like what was happening.
4) Indifferent crowd: There was another group of people who were indifferent to all happenings. They had to do an unthankful job of roughing up those who will be crucified and nailing them to cross. These soldiers were not bothered whether Lord Jesus Christ was Messiah or not. For them, all condemned are their victims, whom they illtreated.
5) Inspired crowd: A small crowd of people who loved Lord Jesus and followed him were there. Mary mother of Lord Jesus, Mary wife of Clopas, Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle. (John 19:25-26) Though they fully did not understand the whole suffering and death of Lord Jesus, they followed him. No wonder, they were witnesses of His Resurrection too.
If I would have been there on that day, which crowd I belong to?