God uses delays for his miracles

One bishop needed money to help his people in a difficult situation. The inflation was high during that time. He received a gift from a foreign nation on a particular Friday. He went to the bank requesting them to credit it into his account. The officer was rude and said that bishop can come on Monday and get it. Disappointed he came home. On Monday he went to the bank, he observed the exchange rate had changed. The amount he received was almost double as the nation had devalued their currency. Bishop praised God for the disappointment on Friday, the banker who wanted to harm him, in fact blessed him. He was able to provide extra funds for the struggling pastors. God can use even delays to give us surprises.
Lazarus was ill and a message was sent to Lord Jesus Christ by his sisters Mary and Martha. However, Lord chose to delay his visit to his sick friend. (John 11:6) Meanwhile, Lazarus was dead and buried. Lord visited the grieving family and also raised Lazarus from dead. Lord’s delay ended in glory of God, by the practical demonstration of his authority: I am the Resurrection and Life.
Joseph was homesick and did not deserve to be in a pit or prison. He wanted to go back to Jacob, his father. Hence, he requested, his friend for whom he interpreted his dream to speak to Pharaoh and release him. But he forgot for two years. (Genesis 40:15, 23) The delay was good, that in two years, Joseph understood God’s purpose to preserve lives of Children of Israel as well as the Egyptian Empire. When he appeared before Pharaoh, he was prepared to fulfill his calling. Delay helped him to discover his call and purpose.
Impatience during delay could be disastrous. Children of Israel and Aaron perceived that Moses delayed his return from Mount Sinai. They ended up creating the golden calf as their god. (Exodus 32) Learning to wait is true spiritual maturity and strength too.
How do I handle delays?