Traps of Satan

There are several traps that Satan strategically lays to enslave people.
1) “Me only” attitude/Selfishness: The first bondage of men/women is selfishness, which is ‘me only’ attitude. Or, a life centered by a person’s ego. Adam sinned by opting to make decision that was rebellion and was satisfying his ego as confident, assertive decision maker. Instead of leading a life with God as centre, Adam opted for self-centered life. Humanity continues to be prey of self. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?” (Luke 9:25)
2) Mindset – governed my traditions and culture: People are governed by ideas in the culture. For example, people have ‘auspicious time’ on certain days. Good events like marriage or housewarming ceremony are scheduled during this precise hour. God, the Father is Sovereign, and all time is good. True freedom is deliverance from mindset governed by traditions and culture. Traditions, culture and media constantly communicate practices that are not biblical.
3) Myths – Freedom means no limits: The society today reinterprets freedom in a diabolic manner. They forget that freedom has always limitations. For example, a fish is free as long as it is within the water body. The minute it leaves the water, it begins to die. Morality is the freedom area for humanity, when human beings try to defy the boundary; they begin to die morally and spiritually.
5) Memories – Real and imagined: A wild elephant is bound with iron chain tied with large tree trunk. The elephant tries to kick off the chain and be free. Every time in tries to break free, it badly hurts its leg. After a period, it stops trying. This memory is enough to keep the elephant in lifelong bondage. Memories are so powerful that a person could be controlled or manipulated for life.
5) Mammon: One politician said, “Money is not God, but it is not less than God.” Yes, bondage for men today is money. They cannot serve two masters. (Matthew 6:24)
Do I vigilantly escape traps of Satan?