Dangerous marriage alliance

Timothy’s parents were from two different religions, as his mother was a Jew and his father a Greek. However, Timothy was brought up as a Jew, as instructed in the Scripture. His mother Eunice and grandmother Lois homeschooled him. (II Timothy 1:5) In contrast, Solomon was misled by his wives, that he forsook the Lord. Marriage alliance against God’s will brings danger, disaster, and even death. Jehoshaphat followed the Lord like David in many ways, but for the marriage of his son, he followed Solomon’s strategy of alliances. (II Chronicles 17:3; I Kings 11:4) The marriage between Jehoram, son of Jehoshaphat, and Athaliah, daughter of Ahab was a great blunder. (II Chronicles 21:6) Spiritual discernment is essential and should be valued more than human intelligence.
Unity and peace: Jehoshaphat thought the divided kingdom should become one kingdom and live in peace. However, the division was from the Lord. Rehoboam, the son of Solomon was forbidden to fight against Jeroboam, who became king of the Ten Tribes. (I Kings 12:24) He wanted the two kingdoms who have the same physical ancestry, as well as spiritual inheritance of the Law of Moses, to be reconciled. Hence, he said to Ahab that his people would be like Ahab’s. (I Kings 22:4)
Influence: Jehoshaphat had confidence in his son that he would be like him following the Lord like their forefather David did. Jehoshaphat thought that Jehoram not only followed the Lord but may influence his wife Athaliah, consequently the whole family of Ahab. Yes, godly men and women influenced their spouses in the right direction. Sadly, many godly men and women were misled by their spouses.
Disaster: God warned him through the revolts of Edom and Libnah and Prophet Elijah. (II Chronicles 21:8,11,14-15) His death was miserable, his son Ahaziah ruled for a short time and was killed by Jehu. Satan intended to make sure to annihilate David’s descendants so that the Messiah could not come into this world. So, he used Athaliah, to kill all male descendants, but God protected an infant son Joash of Ahaziah.
Do I avert disaster by spiritual discernment?

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