Courageous Confrontation

Many leaders do not dare to confront their leaders if they do something wrong immoral or illegal. Some earn the wrath of their bosses for speaking the truth. Joab the commander-in-chief was a different kind of leader. He was fierce in his loyalty to David. A few times it is recorded that Joab protected David from harm, even by exceeding his limits. Joab was not a prophet like Nathan, but a professional warrior in David’s payroll.
Sulking David: Absalom, the son of David rose against him. His coup was very strategic and was done effectively. David and his elite cabinet and army had to flee into the wilderness. Yet, David and his men fought back. As a loving father, David wanted Absalom to be spared in the civil war. Joab did not think so. He personally made sure he was killed. (II Samuel 18:1-33) Hearing the death of his son, did not want to celebrate the victory in civil war, instead declared a mourning for his dead son. Joab confronted David and asked him to sit on the throne and accept the felicitation of victory. David obeyed. (II Samuel 19:1-8)
Proud David: In over two decades, David had become powerful. He wanted to congratulate himself and, hence wanted to take the census. God is the owner of His people, and if a census is taken, a ransom for every person counted must be paid, if not there would be a plague. (Exodus 30:12) Census motivated by pride would invite God’s wrath. Joab protested this idea as it was against God’s will. He argued, why David should count, as God could multiply his people as He pleases. (I Chronicles 21: 3-4)
Adamant David: But David overruled, and Joab had to obey his orders. Joab wanted to save Israel. He did a census that took nearly ten months. Carefully, he left the Levi and Benjamin tribes from the count to protect a few. (I Chronicles 21:5-8) David was responsible for the plague that consumed seventy thousand men.
Do I listen to courageous people who confront us with the truth?

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