Entertainment based on crime

Inspired by crime or horror movies, some individuals imitate the behavior in their lives. Sadly, new criminals emerge in society through bad models and movies. One research shows that the appetite for true crime shows no signs of waning. On the contrary, it has become an integral part of the modern entertainment diet. (Deccan Herald, 23 December 2023) Since ancient times, stories have been used to teach spiritual truths, moral values, and virtues. However, in the postmodern obsession with negative, criminal, and dangerous displays of destructive stories. Love stories of the previous era that themes loyalty, have no takers, while Lust stories that celebrate treachery in social media seem to be well-received and watched.
Fables: Aesop’s fables are popular literature for children. Aesop lived as a slave and was a storyteller in ancient Greece from 620 and 564 Before Christ.
Parables: Lord Jesus Christ taught in parables. (Matthew 13:10-12) The parables were earthly images and examples that communicated eternal, spiritual, and intrinsic truths. One-third of the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ were in parables. Some scholars list about 46 parables from the four gospels. They were popular, easy to remember, and conveyed spiritual truths and principles to live by.
Ghost stories: One pastor was flabbergasted when a girl of twelve years old brought a book of ghost stories to church. She said she would read if she got bored there. Strangely, even children choose to read such stories.
Cartoon channel: Sadly, cartoon movies have themes that are not noble. Instead telling lies, deception, violence, ruthlessness, and brutality is promoted. Children’s parks are promoting gender neutrality, the agenda of LGBTQ.
Criminal mindset: Children and youngsters are spending more time interacting with screens rather than people. Though intended for children, the content of many entertainments is to teach them worldly values and deviate from Godly principles. Children are not taught the fear of God that gives wisdom, instead, induced to walk in the counsel of the wicked, stand in the way of sinners, and sit with mockers. (Proverbs 1:7; Psalms 1:1)
What do I teach the next generation?

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