Twice Born or Born Again

One believer was sharing about being born again to his colleague working in his office. That person responded: “I am already twice-born, need not be born-again. I have privileges for certain rituals including wearing a sacred thread, which are not for all.” Some do not realize the need to be born again, and people like Nicodemus wonder how to be born again. (John 3:1-21) Many following various religions have great accomplishments in terms of law, rituals, customs, practices, penance…etc. The rich young man claimed he was perfect according to the Law of Moses, even Paul felt so. (Mark 10:17-31; Philippians 3:6)
Why? Nicodemus like this person wondered why he should be born-again. There are a considerable number of people who are religious, pious, studious in scripture, disciplined, polite, courteous, and lead a good moral life. What is the necessity?
Kingdom of God: Like a person gets citizenship in the country s/he is born, in the same way, a person must be born again into the Kingdom of God. All humans, because of the Fall of Adam and Eve are spiritually blind, live in darkness, and are slaves in Satan’s kingdom. When a person receives the gospel light, eyes are opened, delivered from the darkness and slavery of Satan, and translated into the Kingdom of God. (Acts 26:16-18)
Water and Spirit: Lord Jesus explained the New Birth happens by the work of Water and Spirit. The Word of God is the water that pours like drops, rain, dew, and showers. (Deuteronomy 32:2-3) When the Bible is preached it drenches a person, making him realize he is a sinner. The Spirit of God points that person to the savior Lord Jesus Christ.
Repent and Receive: Convicted by the Word of God and convinced by the Spirit of God, a person repents from sin and receives the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord in faith. As the wind blows, it cannot be seen, a transformation happens within that person. The blood of Christ cleanses Him, and he becomes a new creation. (I John 1:7; II Corinthians 5:17)
Am I born-again?

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