Dangerous people and a Daring prophet

Ahab, the king of Israel was not content with the land he possessed. He coveted the vineyard of Naboth, which he had inherited from his forefathers. When he refused to give, Ahab was disillusioned. Jezebel, his wife, conspired to illegally obtain it. The local officials were asked to hire scoundrels as false witnesses against Naboth and he was stoned to death. Elijah rebuked and condemned this act and pronounced God’s judgment on Ahab, Jezebel, and his descendants. (I Kings 21:1-29) There are three kinds of wicked people in this incident and one righteous prophet.
Wicked and weak: Ahab was selfish and coveted his neighbor’s asset, thus violating the tenth commandment. He used illegitimate means to purchase it from Naboth. As the owner Naboth had the right to keep it for himself or sell it. When he did not get what he desired, Ahab was sulking and behaved like a child.
Wicked and strong: Jezebel was wicked and did not have any regard for God or His laws. She rebuked and mocked Ahab for not behaving like a king, with authority and power. Shrewdly, she used the law to achieve her wicked goal. The bureaucrats were willing to dance to her tune. Bringing two scoundrels to give false witness, charged with blasphemy, Naboth was executed.
Wicked slaves: The wicked officials were not serving God, but were serving wicked rulers, and obeyed all orders given by Ahab and Jezebel. Even though they knew what was right, and opted to do evil. (James 4:17) Giving false witness is a violation of the Ten Commandments. By instigating scoundrels to give false witnesses, they perverted justice. The midwives refused the order of Pharaoh to murder unborn Hebrew children. (Exodus 1:17)
Righteous and Bold: Elijah could have opted to be silent. Instead, he confronted Ahab as he came to see and take possession of the property of now-dead Naboth and his family. Elijah rebuked Ahab for being murdered and taking illegal possession of the vineyard of Naboth. He also pronounced judgment on the family and their descendants.
Am I courageous and righteous like Elijah?