Pollution and Professions

The caste hierarchy divides people as pure and polluted. Brahmins are on the top and work with their spiritual prowess and mind, represented by the head. The Kshatriyas use their valor and fighting skills to become kings and warriors, represented by the chest. The Vaishyas are producers of food, represented by the stomach. The Shudras are those who serve all the other castes and do manual work that makes their hand or apparel dirty.
Dignity: The Bible teaches dignity for all as they are created in the Image of God. (Genesis 1:27) Human dignity is not connected with the profession. The Bible teaches all to do their work as unto the Lord. (Colossians 3:23)
Carpenter: Lord Jesus Christ worked as a carpenter along with his foster father Joseph. (Mark 6:3) It was hard, manual labor, thus helping all to understand the dignity of the laborer.
Shepherd: Lord Jesus Himself stated that He is the Good Shepherd. (John 10:11) Jacob, Moses, and David served as shepherds. The Egyptians considered shepherds as people not to be treated as equals.
Tanner: Peter the Apostle stayed with Simon the Tanner, who worked with animal skins.
Farmer: Amos was a sycamore tree farmer, called to be a prophet. (Amos 7:14) Working on the farm, an open field involved dirtying the hands and feet.
Tax collector: Matthew and Zacchaeus were tax collectors.
Fishermen: Peter, John, and a few others were fishermen called to become apostles.
IT revolution: The Information Technology sector is highly sought by youngsters as it provides jobs that do not involve physical labor. Hence, that has become the dream job of many youngsters.
Craftsmen: Bezalel and Oholiab were prominent craftsmen who were given the skills and intelligence to design and create all elements for the building of the Tabernacle. (Exodus 36:1)
Cobbler: William Carey was a cobbler when he was called to be a missionary in India. He never went to school, but God enabled him to become a linguist and translate the Bible into several languages. God used an ‘untouchable’ who did the polluted job to place the Holy Bible in the hands of people.
Do I demean anyone for their profession?